Martyrs of Arras

We know that martyrdom is closely linked to the history of the Church. The apostles and their successors were the first martyrs, the first “witnesses”. However, it is important to reaffirm the meaning of Christian martyrdom in today’s world: the disciple never seeks persecution or death for herself or himself, the disciple simply wants to love Christ and be united to Him. Christian martyrdom, in which one refuses to renounce Christ before others, is always an expression of faith and a witness to God’s love, which can lead to death, but never because one sought it.

In our 21st century we pay homage to the courage and perseverance of all our known and unknown brothers and sisters, priests, laity and religious who even today, in the face of adversity, bear witness to a firm and unshakable faith in Christ. May their intercession encourage us to follow the Gospel!

Author Anne Prevost,

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