Saint Vincent de Paul is very much alive today, everywhere!

Saint Vincent was an uncompromising, resolute man who dared to shake up the first Ladies of Charity as well as the Daughters of Charity and the Priests of the Mission. (…)While Saint Vincent is in his final years, he is for us a model of someone who, to the very end, maintained his enthusiasm, youthful heart, strong convictions and rebellious spirit in the face of injustice. (…)Truly, Saint Vincent, with all his goodness and fieriness, points out the way for us.  He does not seek the limelight; rather, he leads us towards Christ and urges us to be consistent and committed in the name of the Gospel. (…)The folly to which Saint Vincent invites us is precisely that of an extreme love in our gift of self to God, this going to extremes that impels us to go ever more towards those who are suffering the most. (…) Saint Vincent is very much alive today, everywhere in and through members of the Vincentian Family. Thank you, Saint Vincent!

Letter from the Superioress General to the Daughters of Charity, September 27, 2021

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