The gifts of heaven.

The Green Scapular

In my opinion, despite wars and various horrors that threaten us, we live in the happiest age, because it is the age of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Never before she lived so closely with us. For this we have countless signs that prove that she left the heights of heavenly Galilee to give us a new Bethlehem, regenerating Christ in poor human hearts. Has she not graced Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland and France in a special way with her sweet presence? Everywhere witnesses arise to assure her presence with truly miraculous evidence. Truly, the Holy Mother lives among us.

However, there is a shadow in this picture … the shadow of the beast. The serpent is circling to sow destruction everywhere. Possibly its presence has never been felt as today. After all, it knows better than anyone that perhaps soon the time will be fulfilled, and then its power will be constrained. It had never forgotten the words spoken against it in the earthly paradise: “I am making enmity between you and the woman, her offspring will crush your head.” (see Genesis 3:15)

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