Path of prophecy and hope

“The Assemblies’ theme drew the Company into a process of opening.” (I.A.D. – Gate 1).  With this in mind, 32 Daughters of Charity met in Ecuador from 28 September to 6 October to reflect and deepen the understanding of the management of goods in the context of Latin America. The Visitatrixes, Provincial Treasurers and Economic Liaison Officers/Sisters from Latin America and the Caribbean – 8 Provinces, 21 countries – were accompanied by Sr Alicia Margarita Cortés, General Councillor, Sr Isel Negrelli, Treasurer General, and Sr Immaculada Ladrero, member of the International Finance Commission. We noted on a deeper level that the service of the economy in today’s world is a “path of prophecy and hope,” and that the mission and charism of the Daughters of Charity go beyond the administration of financial affairs.

It is necessary to “humanize” finance, our relationships, services and working environment as the basis of a new economy centered on people and at the service of “life.” We have to realize, more than ever, that the resources we have are not infinite and that they must be used to meet the needs of the Sisters and those who poor, today and in the future, with confidence in God’s Providence.

In light of the exchanges and of what we received during these days, we have drawn up our conclusions in a Document, which, following the model offered by the Inter-Assemblies Document, invites us to go through three doors: Charism, Formation and Administrative Health, with their respective keys: Conversion in order in order to deepen relationships,  Openness of spirit as the basis for all change, and Presence as mission.

Our gratitude to Sister Françoise and her Council for providing spaces for formation and updating which strengthen fraternal bonds; to Sister Isel who is beginning her mission as Treasurer General and Sister Inmaculada of the CIF – both have given witness by their simplicity and commitment, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who suffer the most.

A very special thanks to the Sisters of the Province of Ecuador who, with generosity, joy, and creativity, prepared and animated this gathering and, made us feel the warmth of their welcome.

Sister Ediltrudis Acevedo and Sister María Helena Daza.

Editorial Committee of the Meeting.

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