Sharing the same Charism – Chronicle of the Vincentian Week at the Santander Economic Kitchen Workshops

The Feast of St. Vincent de Paul was approaching, and in the Economic Kitchen Workshops of Santander we wanted to become aware of the life of this man since we were in a house of the Daughters of Charity.

We started the week watching a movie about the Founder. On Wednesday we divided the afternoon into four specific moments:

  1. Putting in writing a summary of what each person understood about the movie, we got big surprises. Among the boys there are some who do not master the language well and understood rather little, but they were impacted by the images…
  2. After the summary, we asked them what they liked the most about the movie.
  3. Prepare a question for one of the sisters belonging to the Economic Kitchen of Santander Community, since the next day they were going to share a moment with us.
  4. Rehearse the time we will have the next day with the sisters.

On Thursday, September 26 at 5:30 p.m., the Sisters’ Community came to share with the children who make up the workshops.

We began by welcoming each sister and introducing ourselves as, despite living under the same roof, not everyone knew each other.  The questions began immediately. We also had the visit of the new director of Economic Cuisine.

The boys asked the questions and they chose the sister they wanted to answer it…

  • Why do you help us?
  • How did St. Vincent de Paul do things right: from the heart, without hypocrisy?
  • Why do you like being a sister?
  • Why did St. Vincent decide to totally change his life?
  • What did you do before being a Daughter of Charity?
  • Why did you follow this path of Daughter of Charity, having been a teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, etc …?
  • What dream motivated you to become a Daughter of Charity? Why for what reason and at what age?
  • What does it feel like to be a Daughter of Charity?
  • Why aren’t there more people like you, Daughters of Charity, to help the poor today?
  • Why do you help people?
  • How long have you been a Daughter of Charity?

It was a special moment, we are all brothers and sisters in the Mission, since we live or work in the same place that has a specific Charism, that of St. Vincent, and it was an afternoon of sharing. The next day we meet sisters, workers, volunteers and people who come to our center to solemnly celebrate in the center Chapel the Eucharist in St. Vincent’s honor.

THANK the Lord for sharing the Charism, since we are all partners in the Mission

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