Diouroup, Senegal: story of a new mission

Around the time of the 387th anniversary of the foundation of the Company of the Daughters of Charity the Community of five Sisters of four nationalities of Nouakchott, Mauritania made come true the wish of many others who wanted to go further towards and encounter Christ in those who are poor. Divine Providence directed the path and led them to Diouroup, Senegal. 

For over a year, the Province of España-Sur undertook a process of discernment at the end of which the General Council approved and welcomed with joy and hope this new implantation.

Senegal is a secular state and is known for its religious tolerance; its population comprises 94% Muslim and 6% Catholics. The Catholic Church has 7 dioceses; Diouroup belongs to the Diocese in Dakar, a city where no religious community is present.

Pope Francis, in his DOMUND 2020 (World Mission Sunday) message, said: “In the mission of evangelization, you move because the Holy Spirit pushes you, and carries you.” On December 6, the Parish Community welcomed with joy and hope three Sisters, believing that they were sent by God, that the Spirit has led them to Diouroup. Through them, the entire Company of the Daughters of Charity is present in this town and the presence of the Catholic Church is enriched with a new charism.

There is an important detail to highlight: the image of and devotion to the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal existed in this place before the Sisters arrived! It is clear then who will watch over this Community and its mission.

We thank God for His inspiration, enlightenment, and protection and the Blessed Virgin for her intercession.

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