“A way of living driven by the Gospel”

Our General Assembly began on 15 May 2015 with a Eucharistic celebration presided by our Superior General, Father Gregory Gay, C.M. With great fervor, we asked the help and light of the Holy Spirit and the protection of the Virgin Mary.

According to our Constitutions and Statutes, we want to “promote fidelity to its specific charismand its apostolic vitality” and to study in depth the Assembly’s theme, “The boldness of charity for a new missionary momentum.”

We are in the process of studying the first part: “A way of living driven by the Gospel.” It has three points:

  1. A life simplified by the Gospel
  2. Relationships imbued with Gospel values
  3. A close relationship with Christ.

The work is carried out, first of all, in 12 small groups of 10 to 12 Sisters, then in three language forums (thanks to the help of the interpreters), and finally in plenary session. The Holy Spirit is working and there will be abundant fruit.


We are very different by country, culture, age, and profession, but we share the same charism, because we are Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, entirely given to God, in community, for the service of persons who are poor.