Monday, 1 june 2015, election of the General Councillors

After a time of preparation and prayer, on Monday, 1 June 2015, the eight General Councillors were elected. Our Superioress General, Sister Kathleen Appler, transmitted the list of Sisters to all our provinces. We have the joy of presenting them to you here:

1st row (bottom), from the left to the right: Sr Corina, Sr Neghesti; Sr Teresa, Sr Hanna; 2nd row (middle), from the left to the right: Sr Carmen, Sr Françoise, Sr Kathleen, Sr Marie; 3rd row (top): Sr Iliana

  • Sister Raimunda Corina Sousa BASTOS – Brazilian nationality, Province of Fortaleza
  • Sister Hanna CYBULA            – Polish nationality, Province of Chelmno-Poznan
  • Sister Neghesti MICHAEL – reelected – Eritrean nationality, General Curia
  • Sister Maria Teresa MUEDA – Philippine nationality, Province of the Philippines
  • Sister Carmen PEREZ GONZALEZ – Spanish nationality, Province of San Sebastian
  • Sister Françoise PETIT – reelected – French nationality, General Curia
  • Sister Marie RAW – British nationality, Province of Great Britain
  • Sister Iliana de la Caridad SUAREZ PEREZ – reelected – Cuban nationality, General Curia