Eucharist, the way of faith – 27th Formation Session for Sisters in Vocation Ministry

“Eucharist, the way of faith” was the theme of the 27th Formation Session for Sisters responsible for the Vocation Ministry. The session took place on January 24-26, 2020 in Częstochowa, Poland where the National Shrine of Our Lady the Queen of Poland is located. Seventy Sisters from various Congregations from all over Poland took part in it.

Sister Ewa Tyszkiewicz from the Province of Warsaw and Sister Anna Świtalska from the Chełmno-Poznań Province took part in the session. The Sisters listened to the invited speakers as well as shared their experiences and insights in an atmosphere of joy and mutual listening. The Eucharist took a central place in the program in addition to the Liturgy of the Hours recited together; small group meetings also took place. 

The main FORMATOR of the session was JESUS present in the Blessed Sacrament, in the Eucharist. In this formation, Jesus was assisted by His disciples: Fr. Dominik Chmielewski, S.D.B., Mr. Artur Dąbrowski, Ph.D., Mrs. Justyna Galant, M.A. and Sister Tomira Brzezińska, M.S.F., who facilitated this session.

It was a time of exploring the mystery of the Eucharist and of getting a deeper knowledge of God and His greatest desire which is intimacy with a person. It was also a time to grow with Mary in a conscious and FAITH-filled understanding of Jesus’ presence and power in the EUCHARIST which is to be our life.

Under the watchful eye of Our Lady, the Queen of Poland, in the Chapel in front of her Miraculous Image during the Jasna Góra Prayer at 9:00 pm, all the Sisters felt at home with the Blessed Mother.

Sr. Ewa, Province of Warsaw, Poland

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