Our Spirituality

The Daughters of Charity realize that they are called by God. In their life of prayer, as in their life of service, they contemplate Jesus Christ, source and model of all charity, to be witnesses to his love for those who are poor.

In their life of faith the Daughters of Charity give a large place to prayer, nourishment from the liturgy and sacraments, to silence, to listening to the Word of God and God’s message, to the teachings of the Church and to Vincentian heritage.  Those who are poor are present in their prayer; they pray for them and in their name.

Christ is, for them, the source from which flows their love, the fire which stimulates their actions and moves them to go toward those who are the poorest, the force which energizes their projects, the treasure which gives sense to their lives.

In acknowledging the poor Christ and the living conditions of their brothers and sisters whom they serve, the Daughters of Charity opt for a simple lifestyle.  They live in community in a climate of mutual listening and dialogue, sharing who they are and what they have. Together, they help one another to go wherever there are persons who suffer and to work with the poor in their own promotion.  Carriers of joy and of hope, they serve those whose dignity is not respected.

They are happy to be able to give themselves totally to the Lord in serving their brothers and sisters, helping them to discover the presence of God in their lives.

The Founders instilled a love and imitation of the Virgin Mary in the Daughters of Charity.  That is why they behold in her:

  • The Immaculate one, open to the Spirit,
  • The humble and faithful servant,
  • The Mother of God, Mother of mercy and hope for little ones.


Who are we?

The “Company of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, Servants of the Poor” founded by Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac

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Beginnings The Company of the Daughters of Charity was born imperceptively, in the manner of the things of God. The

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Where are we?

Sisters throughout the world, Communities, Countries. See the interactive map Click on a country to display the details…

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