The Prayer

The Epiphany is “the manifestation of the Lord to all nations: indeed, the salvation accomplished by Christ knows no boundaries, it is for everyone. It is always the same event as the Nativity, however seen in its dimension of light: a light which illuminates each man, a light to be welcomed in faith and a light to be brought to others in charity, in witness, in proclaiming the Gospel. We too, like the Three Kings, are called to always allow ourselves to be fascinated, attracted, guided, illuminated and converted by Christ: it is the path of faith, through prayer and contemplation of the works of God, which ceaselessly fill us with joy and ever new wonder » Pope François Angélus / 01 /06/2021

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God among us

One of the central mysteries of Saint Vincent de Paul’s spirituality is the Incarnation. The whole period of Advent, as well as Christmas and the

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