Preparation for vows…

Preparation for vows really is a commitment… a challenge… a journey to undertake!

A commitment: “In Scripture, when choosing someone for a special vocation, God promises to point out the way. Gradually, by the light of the Spirit, the path becomes clear” (C. 49). The Lord takes the initiative and gives His grace.

A challenge: Preparation for vows and deeper assimilation of the Gospel and the charism naturally require effort, perseverance and change but above all an attitude of listening to the Holy Spirit…

A journey to undertake: The gift of self through vows is not accomplished once and for all. On the contrary, it is a continual movement made up of discoveries, conversions, successes and failures, joys and sorrows.

Mary accompanies us. She is there for all those who have recourse to her. Let us trust her and walk in her footsteps; they lead us to her Son, He whom we wish to follow.

Have a good journey!

(Sister Françoise Petit)

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