Inauguration of the Sister Lindalva Justo de Oliveira Farm of Hope

A year and a half after the laying of the foundation stone, and after much work and perseverance, the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife inaugurated on 31 March 2022 in Primavera, Pernambuco, Brazil, a new women’s unit of the Farm of Hope (Fazenda da Esperança). This unit named “Sister Lindalva Justo de Oliveira Farm of Hope,” is intended to welcome women who come to receive help as they go through rehabilitation after being weakened by drug use. The Farm’s name was given by the Archbishop of Recife, Antonio Fernando Saburido, in order to pay homage to the Daughters of Charity who have served or are serving in the Farms especially Sister Sônia Maria de Lima, and to honor the martyrdom of Blessed Lindalva, who represents today’s women who suffer from violence and femicide.

The inauguration of the new Farm took place during an open-air Mass celebrated by Archbishop Antônio Fernando Saburido and concelebrated with other priests including Father Hans Stapel (founder of the farm) and Father Clistenes Natal, our Provincial Director, from the Congregation of the Mission. In addition to the Mayor and other state authorities, also present to represent the Company of the Daughters of Charity were our Visitatrix, Sister Patrícia Calaça, the members of the Provincial Council, Sister Sônia Maria de Lima, and many other Daughters of Charity. Nelson Giovanelli, one of the founders of the Farm of Hope (Fazenda da Esperança) also graced this event, as well as the many men and women who are in rehabilitation in existing Farms in the state of Pernambuco. During the entrance procession, an image and a relic of Blessed Lindalva, donated by the Province of Recife to this new Farm, were enthroned.

The Fazenda da Esperança is a therapeutic community that has been operating since 1983 for persons who are in the process of recovery and seeking release from addictions, mainly alcohol and drugs. Its method includes three determining aspects: work as a pedagogical process, living together as a family, and spirituality with a view to find meaning in life.

People who identify with the charism of the Farm can find their vocation in the Church by becoming part of the Family of Hope, a private association of the faithful, international in character and recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, whose mission is to bring Hope, who is Jesus Christ, to as many young people as possible throughout the world, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI.

The Fazenda has its doors open in all Brazilian states to welcome men and women weakened by drug addiction, transforming pain into joy. The number of communities in the world has already surpassed one hundred structured units in countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe, growing continuously due to the globalization of serious social problems that beset humanity.

The House in Primavera is the fourth Farm of Hope in the state of Pernambuco, with units in the cities of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Garanhuns, and São Joaquim do Monte. It can accommodate twenty-five women and up to twelve babies; this is because it is common for women who seek help to arrive pregnant or with children.

Today we have realized a long cherished dream of having in our Archdiocese a Farm of Hope for women,  a work of God that will benefit persons weakened by drugs use  and people in need. It is necessary therefore that there is sensitivity on the part of all to support this project, to encourage those who are going to give their lives here, for this work,” said Archbishop Fernando Saburido in an interview with “Rede Vida de Televisão” channel.

This inauguration, which is part of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Lindalva, was preceded by a month’s mission that was coordinated by Ana Lúcia Duarte, consecrated missionary of the Farm of Hope and regional leader of the Women’s Farms and accompanied by more than fifteen women who are either ex-drug dependents or in the process of being cured; they visited the communities surrounding the new farm, evangelizing and giving witness to the wonders that the Lord has worked and is working in their lives.

This new Farm of Hope is a sign of God’s Love and Providence in the life of those who are most needy; we give thanks to God for the many collaborators who heard the Lord’s call and let themselves be led by Him, especially Dr. Ilvo Meireilles, a businessman from Pernambuco who not only believed in the project but also donated the land and gave his support to the construction work.

May Sister Lindalva intercede for those who take part in this new work and make it an instrument to save lives for God and to raise many vocations for the service of the Reign of God and of the Church!

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