Migrants and refugees

I was a stranger and you made me welcome. (Mt 25: 34-35)

In the times of our Founders wars caused an exodus of thousands of people of all ages and all social classes. The main place where these humiliated and helpless people were coming was Paris. Vincent poured the treasures of his tenderness on these poor exiles, starting with the most vulnerable.

Similarly today, hunger, natural disasters, oppressive and corrupt regimes, and global conflicts have all contributed to an ever-growing number of displaced people. Most of them don’t know anyone at their new destination, don’t speak the language and have no money. They find themselves easy targets for forced labour, sexual exploitation, and robbery.

Inspired by the Gospel, Daughters of Charity see in each family on the road fleeing from persecution, in parents and young people looking for jobs in countries where they don’t speak the language, in families looking for a place to live and others, the presence of the Holy Family as refugees. So we work to promote and protect migrants and refugees and their human rights offering:

  • Friendship
  • Basic resources
  • Assistance with the legal process
  • Accommodations
  • Language courses